Words to Inspire ~ Be your own kind of beYOUtiful!

Be your own kind of beYOUtiful


Hi ladies!

I think it’s awesome seeing women like Carrie….physically you can see a transformation but also on other levels. In two and bit years Carrie’s life has changed in such a positive way. From when I first met Carrie to the woman I sat with today, it is clear that there has been an incredible shift.

Carrie very kindly accepted my request to explore this journey and share it with the Living Well Ladies…

Carrie’s journey to her authentic self, started where many do…rock bottom. After a long time of constantly helping others, she was burnt out with no energy or time for herself.

– “The only good thing that was going in my life was meeting my partner John“. –

Carrie can recall vividly a moment where she questioned it all and in that moment begun a 4-year journey of continual change. The first half of this journey was filled with a lot of realisations and some days were hard to face. With a commitment to learn, grow and evolve through #personaldevelopment, Carrie was able to turn her focus inwards.

Carrie explained how the journey has transformed the world around her as well as her own perceptions. It has taught her to follow her own path…

 – “It’s getting to my authentic self and having the confidence and worthiness to just be me”. – 

Growth comes when we move outside of our comfort zone. In Carrie’s journey, the thing that has surprised her the most is starting CrossFit. Carrie is a diabetic and had previously set boundaries for what she thought she could or couldn’t do. Over time, she saw how much CrossFit had been a positive influence on her partner, John, and wanted to make bigger changes to her own life. Carrie says enthusiastically – “I’m Ready!”

I truly believe that to have the greatest impact, we cannot do it alone. One of the biggest influences in Carrie’s journey has been her life coach and mentor Alison, who through her own transformation has set an example of what is possible.

– “Seeing Alison’s journey, it has inspired me” – 

We all have our own journey to travel, yet there is much we can learn along the way. I asked Carrie to reflect over her journey so far and if she could offer the gift of words to other women, what would it be. Without hesitation and a smile on her face, she said it’s two words….

– “BE YOU” – 

Thank you Carrie for your honesty and authenticity. I wish you all the best as you continue your journey. 
With joy & gratitude,


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Sometimes you can’t see the forest for all the trees

When you step away from your daily life, away from repetition and routine, you find yourself seeing and feeling different. This is the beauty of Retreats, a chance to unplug, relax and replenish your energy.

Retreats are like going along for a yoga practice…It sometimes feels impossible to commit, and at times even hard to justify that you are putting yourself as a priority over housework and other obligations. Then…all of this melts away…you walk away feeling amazing and saying to yourself, I need to do this more often.

When I embarked on planning a Retreat, I wanted it to embody an experience that would leave a lasting imprint on your life, not just a sneaky indulgence.

Welcome to the Living Well Retreat….

With an opportunity to get outdoors, practice yoga and mindfulness, plus have nourishing meals planned, you are able to really soak up the goodness and enjoy the positive vibes of your surroundings. Feeling refreshed, you may feel a renewed drive towards your goals, or perhaps, you may find yourself on a path of truth to what matters most.

Embracing this mindset, the Living Well Retreat seeks to tap into this potential of personal growth. Guiding you on this journey are sessions/workshops by Wellness Leaders to encourage self-inquiry, reflection, and a deeper connection with your true self.

Akin to a yoga practice, you will feel amazing, mind~body~spirit.

With renewed energy and clarity from this special time on Retreat, you will be empowered to live your life with passion and purpose aligned with your personal vision.


3-5 February is our Ladies Weekend Retreat. Find out more about this Retreat and how it embodies the Living Well Ladies ethos of Connect – Share – Grow – Fun.


With joy and gratitude,

Ladies Wellness Day

Join the Living Well Ladies for a day that will nourish your mind, body and spirit

Take some much needed time for your own wellbeing. Self-care is so important, as only then can you truly give whole-heartedly to others.

For many this may be a new experience, so here is some insight for what’s on at the Ladies Wellness Day.

Living Well Ladies Yoga
The Living Well Ladies 2 hour yoga feature class is created uniquely for women. A class that blends gentle strengthening movements, stretches to release tension and breath work to support and assist your personal intentions. This practice promotes wellness by improving core strength and posture, as well as bringing more harmony with poses to release and unwind from life’s stresses.

Living Well Mindfulness
Let your thoughts settle, and inner voice be heard. Get clarity with your life and  the direction that align your intentions and goals. In my experience, it is in moments of silence that I hear the loudest messages.

My intention is for an inwards journey. Through contemplation and reflection, this will heighten your self-awareness and enable you to make better choices. These mindful tools will empower you to go about daily life with more insight.

My wish for you is…

  • to have your own inwards journey;
  • enhance your awareness;
  • become the best version of yourself;
  • have clarity with what matters most to you; and
  • be your own kind of beYOUtiful.

Special guest,  Kurt – The Meditation Mechanic

Kurt’s sound healing journey shouldn’t be missed. The harmony of these sounds, settle your mind and deepen your relaxation…giving you the chance to let go of all tension, all worry and stress.

Allow yourself to experience the powerful healing sound vibrations of the Didgeridoo, Tibetan bowls and Medicine drum. Guiding you into a journey of self discovery and inner peace.

Ladies Wellness Day
Soul Space, Newmarket ~ 9.30am – 3.30pm ~ Saturday 3 Sep. 

  •  9.30 am – 12 pm features a Living Well Yoga class
  • 12pm – 1pm catered lunch, included in day package
  • 1 pm – 3.30pm mindfulness afternoon
  • Option for just guided Sound Healing with our special guest, Kurt – The Meditation Mechanic, at 2.30pm
  • Price ranges $15 – $75.
  • Click here to go to event page

Grab a friend for a double pass or fly solo. Come for the whole day or just the session that fits with your schedule/interests and relax, reflect and rejuvenate your mind~body~spirit.

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Living Well Ladies ~ Connect, Share, Grow, Fun!

“Happiness is not a goal…it’s a by-product of a life well lived” Eleanor Roosevelt

Personal growth and a shift in mindset begin by taking small steps that lead to big changes and on a journey of self-discovery. I have previously talked about the impact of a busy lifestyle, so I won’t get into that here. The reality for many of us is that life tends to snow ball and before we know it, we have become distracted and lose sight of what’s really important.

While it is a personal journey towards self-awareness and care, when you surround yourself with positivity you are lifted higher and are empowered to become the best version of you. With this in mind, I formed the Living Well Ladies; a Brisbane based group of like minded, positive, ideal lifestyle seekers.

EveryLADY is welcome to join the Facebook group page (click here).

What’s next on the calendar… the Ladies Wellness Day! Take some much needed time for your own wellbeing and join the Living Well Ladies for a day to nourish your mind~body~spirit. There are different options to suit your schedule/interest. Check out the Ladies Wellness Day post to find out more and get insight for what’s on.



Are you on track with your intentions?

mid year check in

~become a priority in your life ~

30 June, not only marks the EOFY but is also the milestone for being half way through another year! As I discussed in my last post, our busy lifestyles can get in the way of our good intentions and goals. So what better time than 6 months into the year, to take a few moments to reflect and reassess.

If you are old school like me, grab a pen and notebook (plus, this gives digital solitude). Find a space where you can be with your thoughts without distraction and take note.

To begin, understand where you are at right now – emotionally, physically, spiritually, and consider the different elements of your life – financial, personal, career, relationships…

Looking back over the last six months, think about the choices that you have made and the impact they have had on you. Consider the following:

  • If you set new year resolutions, have you stuck by them?
  • Where can you improve?
  • What obstacles and roadblocks have you faced?
  • Are you happy with your choices?

These moments of contemplation and reflection are also a great opportunity to notice where your thoughts are at right now, as experiences can enliven or alter priorities and goals. Consider the following:

  • Are you on track to reaching your goals?
  • Do your values still mirror your goals?
  • Are you happy with the direction you are heading?
  • Where do you want to see yourself in 6 months time?

Now looking to the future, this is the perfect time to focus your energy once again to that which you want most this year. Consider the following:

  • What is going to move you closer towards your goals?
  • Does anything need to change?
  • From your own experiences and lessons learnt, how can you be wiser going forward?
  • Is there something that you can do to stay focused and motivated?

Whether we like it or not, money does have an impact on our lives. Though, I do not believe that we should be ruled by its influence.

TMWMOn this note, I want to introduce Lea Schodel. Lea is a financial planner and yogi (I bet that has lifted some eyebrows!). Lea’s outlook on life is very similar to mine. Likewise, Lea is passionate to inspire and guide. Drawing on her experience, Lea believes managing money well is more about managing ourselves well.  In 5 Money Lessons from the Yoga Mat, Lea discusses these 5 key lessons that anyone can apply to their finances:

  • Set an intention
  • Keep your focus
  • Build a solid foundation
  • Find a point of focus and stability
  • Play the edge

By approaching daily life mindfully, we are able to make choices based on our personal values and goals. With this mindset, our decisions then become a positive step towards that which matters the most.


Jaymie Koch
Living Well Hub
~ How good life can be when we allow space and energy to enjoy it ~

  • A special thank you to Lea Schodel for her contribution. Click here to read Lea’s full article – 5 Money Lessons from the Yoga Mat
  • Stay connected with Living Well Hub on FaceBook and Instagram for motivation, tips and events focusing on holistic wellness to improve and transform lifestyles.


Making time for rest is not a luxury, it’s a necessity


~ rest is an important part of a healthy lifestyle ~

In a life where there are so many uncertainties, one thing is for sure – busy is a common trait. No matter what makes up your busy life, this is the harsh reality…busy leads to burnout.*


As Tim Ferriss, author of The Four Hour Work Week and entrepreneur for ideal lifestyle design, suggests we must ‘focus on being productive instead of busy‘. We all have 24 hours in a day, how you choose to spend those will have a ripple effect on your health and wellbeing.

“There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.” — Alan Cohen

All too often though, the average person spends too much on the former. Making time for rest is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Without it, a non-stop busy life will not only impact you, but affect your family and relationships. Being busy causes a disconnection from those we love and adds stress.* We become distracted and lose sight of what’s really important.

Life gets busy… that is guaranteed. When you feel over-whelmed and see the joy being pulled from your daily life, it is especially important to take a moment to chill, to slow down and just be.
Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going too fast–you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.” —Eddie Cantor
Life is all about give and take and this starts with you. Make relaxation and self-care a priority, commit to it like an appointment and lock it into your diary.
 Just Be
Whether it be yoga or something else that you enjoy, take time to rest and relax, your future self will thank you for it.

Jaymie Koch
Living Well Hub
~ How good life can be when we allow space and energy to enjoy it ~

Follow this link to see Living Well Hub’s upcoming events and my next 2+ hour yoga feature classes

Looking at becoming more productive in the corporate world or as a entrepreneur, I highly recommend Tim Ferriss’ and his book The 4-Hour Work Week 

* I would like to acknowledge Debra Smouse as a reference and source for the topic of busy. Interested in hearing more, check out her blog for the truth about “busy” as a lifestyle and 21 Tools To Help You Ditch Busy as Your Life

R&R Yoga Feature Class ~ 13 MAY @ Soul Space Newmarket ~ Register now for discounted tickets!


Restore ~ Relax ~ Recharge with a 2 hour yoga practice

I am super excited to announce the first Living Well Hub event for 2016 is now open for registration. With the year already getting away, it is the perfect time to take some much needed time out.

Come and enjoy two hours of complete R&R. Be guided through a mindful practice with restorative intentions that will stretch your body, release tension and bring more focus with clarity of thought. Sound nice? Find out more by clicking here

Keen to come but new to yoga? Don’t stress, this feature class is suitable for all levels and no previous yoga experience is necessary.

I look forward to sharing this wonderful practice and the benefits of living well.

~ How good life can be when we allow space and energy to enjoy it ~

Jaymie Koch

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Inspired Living Retreat with Living Well Yoga

 Build your immune system and learn how to heal your body with food and meditation before this holiday season

Inspired Living Events
Vegan Retreat
13-15 November 2015

Glasshouse Mountains

What better way to soak up the benefits of living a positive and healthy lifestyle than with a Retreat to let go, recharge and lock in focus!

I am a true believer that energy flows where intention goes. With this in mind, throughout the Retreat I will be guiding yoga practices to improve mental clarity and get energised, allowing you to release from life’s stresses. Learn the benefits of breath work, unwind and be present for some ‘you time’ on your mat.

Find out more about the Inspired Living Retreat @

Have a great day!
As awlays, keep smiling and living well

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You breathe 30 000 times a day, master your breath to optimise your life

Pay attention – you do not want to miss this!!!

Mastering your Breath in Yoga, Sport & Life Workshop with Stig Severinsen ~ hosted by Yoga Everyday – Yoga Studio Stafford.

This is an awesome opportunity and is unbelievably affordable. Whether you are simply curiours or perhaps interested in living a better life, then I strongly suggest you go along to this workshop, I am! and as you can tell I am just a tad excited for this rare and unique experience.

Stig is a Biologist, holding a PHD in Medicine, a Yoga and Meditation Master, former Professional Athlete…AND, just to add to the list, he has also achieved several Guiness Book World Records!

I first heard of Stig earlier this year while listening to a Podcast by Mark Divine, founder of SEALFIT and Unbeatable Minds, where they discussed breath.

Navy Seal Commander, successful businessman and author Mark Divine believes “the breath is the next frontier in health” and says [breath] has had a profound affect on his life and those he can train.

I agree. Along my journey to become the best version of myself, I have been surprised at how much I now notice my breath, especially how much it can influence my life helping me slow down, recover and appreciate where I am at.

Stig sums up the power of the breath excellently, although the exact stats still came as a surprise. Stig says:

“You breathe about 25 000 – 30 000 times a day…that’s crazy! And people don’t think about it, they take it for granted, this is how you build your energy…So, if those 30 000 times you breathe a day are not optimal, you are just throwing that energy in the trash can. That’s energy you could be more productive….at work, be a better partner, athlete, military, professional….You could be so many things, you could fall asleep faster, you could do all of this”. Stig Severinsen

Stig has generously offered this workshop as a personal favour to the Yoga Everyday team. I feel so lucky to be able to go along to this workshop and hope you can make it too! If you can’t, or it sells out, see the links below to discover more.

Until next time, keep smiling and living well


Discover more about Stig and/or Mark Divine’s podcast:

Workshop details @