Words to Inspire ~ Be your own kind of beYOUtiful!

Be your own kind of beYOUtiful


Hi ladies!

I think it’s awesome seeing women like Carrie….physically you can see a transformation but also on other levels. In two and bit years Carrie’s life has changed in such a positive way. From when I first met Carrie to the woman I sat with today, it is clear that there has been an incredible shift.

Carrie very kindly accepted my request to explore this journey and share it with the Living Well Ladies…

Carrie’s journey to her authentic self, started where many do…rock bottom. After a long time of constantly helping others, she was burnt out with no energy or time for herself.

– “The only good thing that was going in my life was meeting my partner John“. –

Carrie can recall vividly a moment where she questioned it all and in that moment begun a 4-year journey of continual change. The first half of this journey was filled with a lot of realisations and some days were hard to face. With a commitment to learn, grow and evolve through #personaldevelopment, Carrie was able to turn her focus inwards.

Carrie explained how the journey has transformed the world around her as well as her own perceptions. It has taught her to follow her own path…

 – “It’s getting to my authentic self and having the confidence and worthiness to just be me”. – 

Growth comes when we move outside of our comfort zone. In Carrie’s journey, the thing that has surprised her the most is starting CrossFit. Carrie is a diabetic and had previously set boundaries for what she thought she could or couldn’t do. Over time, she saw how much CrossFit had been a positive influence on her partner, John, and wanted to make bigger changes to her own life. Carrie says enthusiastically – “I’m Ready!”

I truly believe that to have the greatest impact, we cannot do it alone. One of the biggest influences in Carrie’s journey has been her life coach and mentor Alison, who through her own transformation has set an example of what is possible.

– “Seeing Alison’s journey, it has inspired me” – 

We all have our own journey to travel, yet there is much we can learn along the way. I asked Carrie to reflect over her journey so far and if she could offer the gift of words to other women, what would it be. Without hesitation and a smile on her face, she said it’s two words….

– “BE YOU” – 

Thank you Carrie for your honesty and authenticity. I wish you all the best as you continue your journey. 
With joy & gratitude,


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To connect with Carrie, pop over to her FaceBook page img_1930https://www.facebook.com/carriethesweetlife

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