You breathe 30 000 times a day, master your breath to optimise your life

Pay attention – you do not want to miss this!!!

Mastering your Breath in Yoga, Sport & Life Workshop with Stig Severinsen ~ hosted by Yoga Everyday – Yoga Studio Stafford.

This is an awesome opportunity and is unbelievably affordable. Whether you are simply curiours or perhaps interested in living a better life, then I strongly suggest you go along to this workshop, I am! and as you can tell I am just a tad excited for this rare and unique experience.

Stig is a Biologist, holding a PHD in Medicine, a Yoga and Meditation Master, former Professional Athlete…AND, just to add to the list, he has also achieved several Guiness Book World Records!

I first heard of Stig earlier this year while listening to a Podcast by Mark Divine, founder of SEALFIT and Unbeatable Minds, where they discussed breath.

Navy Seal Commander, successful businessman and author Mark Divine believes “the breath is the next frontier in health” and says [breath] has had a profound affect on his life and those he can train.

I agree. Along my journey to become the best version of myself, I have been surprised at how much I now notice my breath, especially how much it can influence my life helping me slow down, recover and appreciate where I am at.

Stig sums up the power of the breath excellently, although the exact stats still came as a surprise. Stig says:

“You breathe about 25 000 – 30 000 times a day…that’s crazy! And people don’t think about it, they take it for granted, this is how you build your energy…So, if those 30 000 times you breathe a day are not optimal, you are just throwing that energy in the trash can. That’s energy you could be more productive….at work, be a better partner, athlete, military, professional….You could be so many things, you could fall asleep faster, you could do all of this”. Stig Severinsen

Stig has generously offered this workshop as a personal favour to the Yoga Everyday team. I feel so lucky to be able to go along to this workshop and hope you can make it too! If you can’t, or it sells out, see the links below to discover more.

Until next time, keep smiling and living well


Discover more about Stig and/or Mark Divine’s podcast:

Workshop details @


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