Keong Park Stafford

Learn the benefits of breath work, unwind and be present for some you time on your mat. Flowing movements to energise the mind and body. Movement and breath are linked to settle the mind and release from life’s stresses. Feel the benefits of yoga – mind, body and soul.

What to Bring

– a mat / towel
– water
– your smiling face
– any other optional extras (props for yoga, medications, items for outdoor classes)

Health & Wellbeing – Your Commitment

Living Well classes are group style. If you have any health concerns or injuries please speak to you health professional before coming to class and ask for a letter if applicable. If you are suffering from illness or health concerns it is recommended that you seek alternative options as group style training is likely not the best option for you. Please take responsibility for your health and wellbeing, be kind to yourself and speak to your trainers regularly about any concerns or problems. Living Well classes are run in a support and positive environment, and we will do our very best to help you reach your goals.


Thank you to the Brisbane City Council for sponsoring this Active Parks session & The Community Place for its ongoing support.

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